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Avionic Desktop Trainer

H145 Avionic Desktop Trainer

ecoLine CLS

H145 Avionic Desktop Trainer

REISER'S High Fidelity Derivatives


Classroom Solutions for Procedural Perfection

  • High fidelity flight dynamics, engine and AFCS model for all normal and emergency procedures.
  • Instrument procedures in both manual and AFCS modes including VOR, NDB, ILS, RNAV, GPS approaches.
  • Garmin "Lite" with virtual panel, adjustable frequencies and loadable flight approaches.
  • Sound model including warning and caution tones.
  • IOS with mission planning, re-positioning, fuel management, wind/weather simulation and malfunction capabilities.



  • EuroNav 7 navigation kit.
  • Hardware Garmin GTN 750 (original) navigation kit.
  • ATIS and ACAS Simulation.


Coming Soon...

  • Visualization of aircraft systems by animated schematics showing hydraulic-/electric-/fuel-systems states.
  • 3D walkaround by virtual 360° simulation for pre-flight checks and more.
  • Flight kit comprising outside view, cyclic and collective stick and grip enhanced by active control loading system.



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