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Full Flight Simulator

Reiser's product line for Full Flight Simulators

H145 Helicopter

H145 Full Flight Simulator

H145 Full Flight Simulator


Full Flight Simulator up to Level D (EASA, FAA, ICAO).

Full 6 DoF electric motion and electric vibration system.

Intuitive on-board IOS with briefing, debriefing and scenario creation functionalities.

Direct projection dome display 240°x 80° with dual channel LED projectors.

NVG stimulation supporting real F4949 Series and others.

Worlwide database with customer specific high resolution insets.

Several Level D compliant airports and more than 25.000 generic airports.

Computer generated airborne, ground, naval and human entities.

OSM street network with moving traffic.



Wide rear cabin for mission kits.

Roll-on/Roll-off cockpit interchange in less than one hour.



HLA/DIS networking for distributed simulation.


NH90 Helicopter

NH90 Simulator Cockpit

NH90 Simulator Cockpit

100% replicated - independent from the OEM!
With more than 80 panels and instruments, the NH90 cockpit is one of the most complex cockpits in its class of transport helicopters.
By applying strictly Reiser's philosophy of bus technology and I/O boards designed by our own, we reach unprecedented system availability for our professional clients need. Extraordinary reliability, maintainability and predictable life cycle cost of our FFS cockpits enable our customers to concentrate on training.

Eurofighter Typhoon

Typhoon pilots confirm our cockpit quality!

Typhoon pilots confirm our cockpit quality!

Fighter pilots need simulators without compromise when it comes to full scale mission training.


Reiser's approach of using only replicated panels, instruments and levers only is unique in this class of simulators for military fighter aircrafts. Due to this approach our cockpits can be kept easily in line with changing aircraft configurations  - even ahead.