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H145 Helicopter

H145 Full Flight Simulator

H145 Full Flight Simulator

Maximum Fidelity.

  • Full Flight Simulator up to Level D (EASA, FAA, ICAO).
  • Full 6 DoF electric motion and electric vibration system.
  • Intuitive on-board IOS with briefing, debriefing and scenario creation functionalities.
  • Direct projection dome display 240°x 80° with dual channel LED projectors.
  • NVG stimulation supporting real F4949 Series and others.
  • Worlwide database with customer specific high resolution insets.
  • Several Level D compliant airports and more than 25.000 generic airports.
  • Computer generated airborne, ground, naval and human entities.
  • OSM street network with moving traffic.


Maximum Flexibility.

  • Wide rear cabin for mission kits.
  • Roll-on/Roll-off cockpit interchange in less than one hour.


Maximum Connectivity.

  • HLA/DIS networking for distributed simulation.


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