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Legacy Simulator Upgrades

We bring your legacy simulator to new live

State of the art bus interfaces for legacy panels and instrument

State of the art bus interfaces for legacy panels and instrument

Our products‘ modular architecture and modern bus technology bring simulators of old provenience to new digital performance. By integration of CAN-based interface nodes, parts of a simulator may be replaced by new interface technology while retaining the rest of the system on its current technological status. Thus, only the obsolete or unserviceable units are replaced with little integration effort on the the host computer.


Minimized downtime - low risk. the Alpha Jet Simulator the Alpha Jet Simulator

We rebuilt and upgraded the former AlphaJet German Air Force Simulator for its second life in a NATO military flight school. The upgrade was performed by changing the architecture to CAN technology with the CANaerospace protocol.
Once upgraded to CAN architecture, further modifications like replacements of panels, instruments or control levers are "plug & play".


Our technology supports: 

  • mixture of old original simulator instruments, original aircraft instruments and replicated  instruments
  • calibration of instruments and panels (e.g. illumination intensity)
  • built-in system tests