EcoLine Control Loading System

Realistic flight control feeling for an attractive price

Our newly designed active control loading system ecoLine CLS is the perfect platform for Part Task Trainers, Flight Navigation Procedure Trainers up to Flight Training Devices. ecoLine combines high fidelity with affordability and easy integration. The system can be adjusted to various fixed wing and rotary wing aircraft. Moreover, an integration into common flight simulation and visual systems (e.g. X-Plane, Prepar3D, Vega Prime, VBS3) can be realised with minimal effort.


The basic platform comprises of

  • Active cyclic stick
  • Active collective
  • Active pedals/rudder
  • Generic grip tops


Additionaly we offer the following options

  • Dual seat kit
  • Customized seats
  • Grips for various helcopter and fixed wing aircraft
  • Fixed wing kit
  • Toe brakes
  • Pedestal for throttle and flaps
  • Generic throttle lever 
  • Generic flaps lever
  • Seat shaker
  • Large cockpit kit
  • Touchscreen instrument panel
  • Transport box


  Cyclic Pitch Cyclic Roll Collective Rudder
Nominal Torque 48 Nm 48 Nm 48 Nm 48 Nm
Maximum (Peak) Torque 100 Nm 100 Nm 100 Nm 100 Nm
Angular Range 25 deg. 25 deg. 25 deg. 25 deg.
Maximum Angular Speed 100 deg./sec 100 deg./sec 100 deg./sec 100 deg./sec
Resolution 3 deg. 3 deg. 3 deg. 3 deg.