Maintenance Training Rig

Hands-on training without using the real aircraft


Nato Helicopter Management Agency (NAHEMA) contracted us due to our experience in big scale replicas of weapon systems.

We develop and deliver a total of five MTR for France and Germany. The intention of the initiators of the programme was to make sure, that there would be a set of training media dedicated solely to maintenance training, without the risk that they would be salvaged or recruited for operational demands.

Precision and Durability for Uninterrupted Training


Synthetic training devices make sense if procedures are extremely complex and thus original equipment could be damaged during training, when training would deplete the scarce original spare parts and significant cost saving potentials over the entire life cycle. The MTR fulfills all these criteria. Utilizing long lasting materials and having short lead times for spares ordering generate an unprecedented availability of the training device for the customer. Furthermore, initial procurement costs are 50 to 70% less compared with the alternative of using the original aircraft, and this without any compromise regarding the representativeness of maintenance procedures to reach the training objectives.